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The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is one of the largest political education institutions in Germany today and sees itself as part of the intellectual current of democratic socialism. The foundation evolved from a small political group, “Social Analysis and Political Education Association“, founded in 1990 in Berlin into a nationwide political education organisation, a discussion forum for critical thought and political alternatives as well a research facility for progressive social analysis.

Forming the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation are:

  • The general and sustaining members of the association and the executive board members with Dagmar Enkelmann serving as chairwoman and Dr. Florian Weis as chief executive officer
  • Academic scholars and scientists in advisory boards and as authors of our publications, scholarship recipients; liaison professors and hundreds of volunteers
  • More than 100 employees that work in either the Academy of political Education, the Centre for International Communication and Collaboration, the “Studienwerk” (organisation providing social, financial and cultural support services to students in Germany), the Institute for Social Analysis, the Archive of Democratic Socialism or areas of public relations, bookkeeping or finances

In 1996 the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation was officially recognised as a nationwide affiliated trust of the Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS), presently known as “DIE LINKE “ (The Left).  As such it works closely with DIE LINKE affiliated state foundations and associations nationwide.


The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation aims to:

  • Organise political education and disseminate knowledge about social relations in a globalized, unjust and hostile world
  • Provide a venue for critical analysis of current capitalism;  act as a hub for programmatic discussions about a modern democratic socialism, act as a socialistic think-tank for political alternatives
  • Be a forum in Germany and internationally that supports dialogue between left-socialistic powers, socialistic movements and organisations, left-minded intellectuals and non-governmental organisations
  • Grant funding to young scholars via undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships
  • Give impulses to self-defining socialistic political activities and support commitment to peace and international understanding for a socially just and solidary union


Recent Publications

Online Publication | June 2015
Herausgeber/Innen: Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung New York

Power to the people

Toward Democratic Control of Electricity Generation

Online Publication | June 2015
Herausgeber/Innen: RLS-Büro Brüssel

TTIP - Why the World Should Beware

Working paper by Manuel Pérez-Rocha. In cooperation with IATP, IPS, FOCUS and TNI. Brussels, June 2015

Online Publication | June 2015
Herausgeber/Innen: Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung New York

Austerity Urbanism

The Neoliberal Crisis of American Cities. By Jamie Peck.

Online Publication | June 2015
Herausgeber/Innen: Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung New York

Organizing Transformation

Best Practices in the Transformative Organizing Model. By Steve Williams