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COP 21: Climate Summit in Paris

As the world's largest socialist funding organization, Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation sees itself as being part of the global climate justice movement. We were in Paris for the UN Climate Summit from November 29 till December 12 together with partners from the Global South. Now the negotiators agreed on a new climate treaty.

How is it to be judged?

Inhumane, deceitful, contradictory - in light of what needs to be done in order to prevent runaway climate chaos, it is far too weak. This is how we assess the summit's results.

And that's what we did during the climate summit in Paris:

Reports of the events organized by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation [more...]

Overview on our main topics we focused on in Paris [more...]




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Dossier Paris in deutscher Sprache

Our events in Paris


Voices on COP21

Elizabeth Peredo | Bolivia
« We have to understand how our lives are trapped by the capitalist system and by the dream of over-consumption. »

Cvijeta Biščević | ZMAG | Croatia
« This is a good starting point to have conversations on the subjects that are important for all of us, in order for us to live on this planet. »

Bill McKibben | 350.org | USA
« I know, the climate movement is now robust and strong. We will continue. »

Nguy Thi Khanh | GreenID | Vietnam
« We mobilize local people to participate in discussing, making plans and implementing those plans. »

Pablo Solon | Fundacion Solon | Bolivia
«What is happening at the negotiations is a criminal act. What is our response to that? Civil disobedience.»

Naomi Klein | activist, author | Canada
«Our message is too important to stay at home and be obedient.»

«Trial» against ExxonMobil | Bill McKibben & Naomi Klein interview RLS delegation member Ken Henshaw as climate witness
«Life expectency in the Niger delta is between 43 and 46. I am now 39 years old ... I am afraid.»

Ken Henshaw | Social Action | Nigeria
«I have the impression that these talks don't have a desired outcome.»

Voices on Paris: Nnimmo Bassey

Nnimmo Bassey | Oilwatch | Nigeria
«Civil society should boycott future COPs and take action at the climate crime scenes.»

Tadzio Müller und Ken Henshaw

Tadzio Müller & Ken Henshaw
«There is a serious relationship between armed conflict, religious extremism, certain levels of fundamentalism and conflicts with climatic issues.»

Our view on COP21

Tadzio Müller

Tadzio Müller | Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation| Consultant for Climate Justice and Energy Democracy

Our delegation in Paris

Delegation Paris


  • Tadzio Müller
    Consultant for Climate Justice and Energy Democracy

  • Andrea Peschel
    Deputy Director Center for International Dialogue and Co-operation