For a Feminism of the Left


The demand for reproductive justice links the right to self-determination over one’s own body with the material conditions that make this right accessible in the first place. After all, people who live and work in precarious conditions cannot, by definition, reach free and independent decisions. This notion is at the heart of a left-wing feminism that conceives gender justice, anti-racism, and global social justice as interlinked from the outset. 

This kind of feminism links the demand for higher pay with struggles against gender-based violence. It links the protests against privatizing health care with a critique of a migration policy that only tolerates people who bring profit. Lastly, it links questions of democratic participation with the demand for a redistribution of work and time.

As we get ready to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March, the dossier “Feminism from the Left” gathers analyses, organizing experiences, interviews with activists, and much more on feminist struggles here and now.

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