Documentation Fields of Resistance

Second political summer picnic


Event location

TAK Theater im Aufbauhaus
Prinzenstraße 85F
10969 Berlin




Philip Degenhardt,


Labour / Unions, Social Movements / Organizing, International / Transnational, Globalization, Alternatives to Society, Socio-ecological Transformation, Food Sovereignty

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The political summer picnic "Fields of Resistance" addressed questions concerning the conditions under which our food is produced and supplied, informed about the need for action and discussed solutions from at home and abroad.

Aufstand am Tellerrand

Zweites politisches Sommerpicknick
In the comfortable summer weather, our picnic connected consumers with international experts and activists. Together, we exchanged views on alternative concepts like food sovereignty and cooperative trade and discussed how much influence consumers can have on the process. Political strategies to achieve more justice in agricultural supply chains were explained and linked to concrete forms of solidarity and trade union organizing.

Aufstand am Tellerrand

Zweites politisches Sommerpicknick  

Aufstand am Tellerrand



Das politische Sommerpicknick «Aufstand am Tellerrand» widmete sich 2018 der Frage nach den Produktionsbedingungen und Lieferketten unserer Lebensmittel, informierte über Handlungsnotwendigkeiten und diskutierte Lösungsansätze aus dem In- und Ausland. Untertitel/Subtitle/Subtítulo: de/en/es

Arbeitsbedingungen im Hotel- und Gastgewerbe in Deutschland


Jan Krüger,
Interview mit Jan Krüger (Junge NGG)

Labour struggles in the South African wine industry


Trevor Christians,
Interview with Trevor Christians (CSAAWU)

Threats to the indigenous mode of living in India


Debjeet Sarangi,
Interview with Debjeet Sarangi (Living Farms)

Liefern am Limit: Fahrradkuriere gründen Betriebsräte


Keno Böhme,
Interview mit Keno Böhme (Liefern am Limit)