Documentation Connecting Resistances

Emancipatory Activism in West Asia, North Africa and Germany


Event location

Skalitzer Str. 6
10999 Berlin




Tanja Tabbara,


Saeed Batal, Nizar Hassan, Angela Joya, Nadje Al-Ali


Social Movements / Organizing, International / Transnational, Africa, North Africa, Asia, West Asia, Connecting Resistances, Middle East

Across the globe, right-wing parties and movements are advancing. While Europe and the United States are still coping with these allegedly recent phenomena, authoritarianism and nationalism are nothing new in most parts of the world.

This restoration of authoritarianism is following upon years of upsurges and protests worldwide. The Occupy movement, the Gezi park protests, and the revolutions and revolts in many countries across North Africa and West Asia are powerful examples of how people are voicing their opposition towards social injustices and repressive regimes. However, especially in countries of the Global South, these protests have often been repressed violently.