DossierRosa Luxemburg’s Life and Legacy

Rosa Luxemburg was a towering figure of the classical socialist movement—a brilliant thinker, sharp-tongued rhetorician, and trailblazing leader of the proletarian cause. Although the obstacles to her pursuing her aims in life were legion, she rose to become one of the paramount leaders of the largest and strongest socialist movement in the world, German Social Democracy.

The German Revolution at 100

Rosa Lux­em­burg at 150: Re­vis­it­ing Her Rad­ical Life and Leg­acy

A two-day symposium commemorating the 150th anniversary of her birth

VideoUn­der­stand­ing Rosa Lux­em­burg’s Life and Work

An interview with Peter Hudis, editor of the Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg

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What happens after the revolution, and will it make us happier?

Essay | 05.01.2022Rosa Lux­em­burg and the Ques­tion of the “Good Life”

Can we say what socialism will look like before we get there?

Essay | 16.06.2021Cre­ol­iz­ing Rosa Lux­em­burg

How can we learn to fight from a woman murdered in a doomed struggle 100 years ago?

VideoWho Was Rosa Lux­em­burg?

Eleanor Penny and Novara Media travel to Berlin to learn more about “Red Rosa” 

VideoRosa Lux­em­burg: The Eternal Rose

An animated short film by renowned young artist Viet Su Kieu Hung in cooperation with the…

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Thinking beyond the historical barrier that divides our time from hers

Essay | 19.04.2021A Cent­ral European Re­volu­tion­ary

Rosa Luxemburg’s remarkable, revolutionary life for democracy and socialism

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Using Rosa Luxemburg to contextualize and deepen our understanding of transformational struggle

Comment | 13.04.2021What Can Rosa Lux­em­burg Tell Us about Be­ing an In­tel­lec­tual Today?

On thinking and reflecting from one’s own position

VideoRosa Lux­em­burg and Par­lia­ment

Parliamentarians and activists from Brazil, Chile, and Germany reflect on what Rosa Luxemburg means…

VideoRosa Lux­em­burg’s Years in Switzer­land

From student in Zurich to leader of the German worker’s movement—a film by Raphaël Haab