26 May 2021 Diskussion/Vortrag The Lampedusian State. Lebanon or the Impossible Revolution

REIHE: 10 Jahre sogenannter Arabischer Frühling


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26.05.2021, 19:30 - 21:00 Hr


Partizipation / Bürgerrechte, Libanon / Syrien / Irak


Mit Borja W. Gonzalez Fernandez (Humanwissenschaftler, freier Forscher)

Eine Veranstaltung von KIARA in Kooperation mit RLS Sachsen

in English

A strong state in disguise? Lebanon’s apparent weakness against the ironclad resilience of its political institutions. tate Building and the post-Gaddafi Libyan Crisis Last Summer, the explosion of warehouse in Beirut harbor wreaked harbor in Lebanon’s capital city and, unsurprisingly, reignited the wave of protests that had been shaking the country throughout 2019 and early 2020. The unprecedented economic and financial crisis suffered by the Bilad al-Arz, together with the perceived corruption and inefficiency of its politico-administrative machinery, provoked a massive protest movement which contrasts with the relative tranquility experienced by the country during the so-called Arab Spring (the “Salafist Winter,” in the Maronite Patriarch’s words) when other—apparently more solid—Arab régimes fell down amid pubic outcry. While it has been variously argued that the 2006 Cedar Revolution represented Lebanon’s own revolutionary moment, truth is that neither the Syrian withdrawal nor, a decade and a half earlier, the post-war settlement embodied by the Ta’if Agreement, were able to substantially alter the basic pillars of the Lebanese system. This lecture, in analyzing the guidelines of Lebanon’s political structure, will argue that the consuetudinary power-sharing practices and gradualist approach to change enshrined within the formalized constitutional edifice through the so-called National Pact have turned an apparently weak system into an ironclad construction, where radical changes and revolutionary transformations are comparatively hard to achieve.

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