6 December 2023 Discussion/Lecture Seeking the other way

"Standing together" from Israel visits Berlin


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Straße der Pariser Kommune 8A
10243 Berlin


06.12.2023, 20:00 - 21:30 Hr


War / Peace, Palestine / Jordan, Israel


Seeking the other way
Rula Daood und Alon-Lee Green von «Standing Together».

Since October 7, 2023, the day of the brutal Hamas massacre in Israeli kibbutzim, villages and a music festival and the kidnapping of over 200 hostages, and the ongoing brutal attacks by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip with many thousands of civilian casualties, we have witnessed an almost incomprehensible escalation of violence in Israel and Palestine. This violence is causing endless suffering, destruction and pain. The consequences for the people and the region are not yet foreseeable.

Within Israel, the situation for the political and activist left is desolate. The extreme right-wing government bans demonstrations and takes massive action against critics of the war policy. A large part of the Israeli Jewish population supports the "policy of strength" and further attacks on Gaza as well as the arming of the civilian population with weapons of war. There have also been attacks on Palestinian citizens of Israel.

For the civil society group "Standing Together", however, one thing is clear: the security of people in Israel cannot be achieved through war and violence. The grassroots movement of Jewish and Palestinian activists in Israel, which was founded in the offices of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Israel, has been campaigning for peace and social justice since 2016. In the days following October 7, when left-wing activists are considered traitors and the Palestinian population in Israel is being subjected to a wave of repression, their work has become even more important.

We are therefore delighted to welcome Rula Daood and Alon-Lee Green, co-chairs of "Standing together", to a panel discussion at the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung. Gil Shohat, head of the Israel office of the RLS, will talk to them about the current challenges of their peace work in times of war, the different realities for Jewish and Palestinian activists in Israel, the discrepancy between the global left debates on Israel and Palestine and the reality for progressive activists on the ground, as well as their demands on German and European politics to come closer to a just solution to the seemingly hopeless spiral of violence between Palestinians and Israelis.


  • Alon-Lee Green is co-director of "Standing Together".
  • Rula Daood is co-director of "Standing Together".
  • Moderation: Gil Shohat, Head of the Israel Office of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung 

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The event will be held in English with simultaneous translation into German.



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