Historical Centre for Democratic Socialism

Historical Centre for Democratic Socialism

Since 2017, the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung has been consolidating various lines of inquiry and tasks under the newly created Historical Centre for Democratic Socialism. In addition to topics in the politics of history, the new division includes the political education programme Lernen aus Geschichte (Learning from History), research and editorial work on Rosa Luxemburg, and the archive and library of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung. These all form part of the collective memory of the democratic socialist movement and of the party Die Linke (including its predecessor organizations) since 1989–90.

The RLS’s lines of historico-political inquiry are highly differentiated. Topics such as the history of Communism and Stalinism, East German history and the history of relations between the GDR and the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as anti-fascism and National Socialism are supplemented by the history of the Left in more recent times, particularly in West Germany, and the history of the new social movements.

The Gesprächskreis Geschichte (History Discussion Group), or GKG, federally coordinates the RLS's work on historical policy and tries to integrate new topics into the work of the RLS, while also addressing younger actors.

The archive and library of the RLS provide an extensive and well-founded range of literature and archive materials to an interested public, as well as to the foundation’s staff and scholarship holders. The focus is on information on the political development and history of Die Linke, its environment and predecessor organizations, PDS and WASG, as well as literature and source material on all topics and questions relevant to emancipatory left-wing politics in the spirit of democratic socialism.


Role Details
Director of the Historical Centre for Democratic SocialismDr. Albert Scharenberg
Email: albert.scharenberg@rosalux.org
Phone: +49 30 44310143
Room: 212

History Unit

Role Details
Senior Advisor for Contemporary History and Historical-Biographical Learning Anika Taschke
Email: anika.taschke@rosalux.org
Phone: +49 3044 310 151
Room: 732
Senior Advisor for Contemporary History and Politics of Remembrance Bernd Hüttner
Email: bernd.huettner@rosalux.org
Phone: +49 421 79477261
Research Staff, Coordination/Dependent Foundations Christine Gohsmann
Email: christine.gohsmann@rosalux.org
Phone: +49 30 44310131
Room: 210
Research Project Staff for RevolutionsDr. Uwe Sonnenberg
Email: uwe.sonnenberg@rosalux.org
Phone: +49 30 44310 425
Room: 543
Budgetkoordinatorin Dagmar Rubisch
Email: dagmar.rubisch@rosalux.org
Phone: +49 30 44310158
Room: 733

Archive of Democratic Socialism

Role Details
Lead Archivist Bärbel Förster
Email: baerbel.foerster@rosalux.org
Phone: +49 30 44310 185
Room: 210
Archive Katharina Köpping
Email: katharina.koepping@rosalux.org
Phone: +49 30 44310424
Room: 201
Archive Andrea Paul
Email: andrea.paul@rosalux.org
Phone: +49 30 44310476
Room: 203
Archive Jan Runkwitz
Email: jan.runkwitz@rosalux.org
Phone: +49 30 44310423
Room: 211
Archive Udo Wolter
Email: udo.wolter@rosalux.org
Phone: +49 30 44310422
Room: 203
Archive Elena Jerkin
Email: elena.jerkin@rosalux.org
Phone: +49 30 44310 140
Room: 211


Role Details
Head Librarian Uwe Michel
Email: uwe.michel@rosalux.org
Phone: +49 30 44310166
Room: 420
Librarian Keith Grünewald
Email: keith.gruenewald@rosalux.org
Phone: +49 30 44310 415
Room: 420

Rosa Luxemburg Research

Role Details
Head of Rosa Luxemburg ResearchDr. Jörn Schütrumpf
Email: joern.schuetrumpf@rosalux.org
Research StaffDr. Marion Schütrumpf-Kunze
Email: marion.schuetrumpf@rosalux.org
Phone: +49 30 44310 535
Room: 535