Doctorate Scholarship Program


The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS) supports doctoral students from Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan, Morocco and Iraq doing their PhD or doctoral research in Germany. The funds for this program are provided by the Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt).

 Requirements for foreign doctorates

  • Applications will be accepted only in German or English language
  • Enrolment at a German university or at a university abroad
  • Supervision by a German Professor or lecturer in Germany
  • Very good grades, degree or diploma
  • Basic knowledge of the German language (further classes can be sponsored by us). At least very good knowledge of the English language.
  • Activities in social, political and/or community services

In case of a PHD project at a German university (PHD admission is required) the scholarship will be for two years. An extension is possible.

If you already have had a scholarship from another institution, this must have been less than for two years in order to get a further scholarship by the RLS. The time of this former scholarship will be subtracted from the 24 months regular scholarship time.

We generally do not sponsor only the final phase of a PHD project. In addition to the scholarship it is not allowed to have a full or half time employment.

If you are applying to stay in Germany to do research, the maximum time period for a scholarship will be two years. An extension is possible. In this case your PHD admittance of the University abroad is required.

We cannot sponsor pivate trips back home or in a third country.

The monthly basic scholarship is 1000,- Euro. plus a lump sum of 20,- Euro.

Another public funded scholarship at the same time is not allowed. However, if there had been another scholarship before, the months will be simply subtracted from our scholarship. 

Anfragen und Information:

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