Key Issues

The activities of the Stiftung’s partners in the region emphasise three broad sets of issues: 

  • Utilising natural resources for the benefit the local population. In this context, political discussions focus on the concept of food sovereignty and its direct link to the defence of land rights. The exploitation of mineral, oil and gas resources must be based on transparent decision-making processes and respect the interests of affected communities. Together, the aim is to develop alternatives to the model of aggressive extraction in order to couple the provision of public services with sustainable resource management. 
  • Regional integration and international trade relations have to be aligned with the needs of the general population. Future activities will therefore concentrate on creating opportunities for civil society actors to participate in negotiation processes focused on regional integration and the Economic Partnership Agreements between EAC states and the European Commission, and on highlighting the impact of the private sector on the region’s social and economic development. Here, the aim is to foster knowledge, establish transparency, ensure participation, assess possible impacts and offer up alternatives. 
  • Defending and expanding democratic rights. Guaranteed basic rights are a prerequisite for safeguarding the political autonomy of the media, the public and politics. In this context, activities focus on reflecting history, shaping current political developments and holding political elites and decision makers accountable for their actions.