Key Issues

Strengthening the fragmented Left 

Even if the neoliberal policies of both governments are driving more and more people into the streets, political actors have so far failed to put forward a political response capable of garnering majority support. This impotence is the result both of a weak and fragmented Left, as well as the dominance of right-wing conservative forces. Against this backdrop, the regional office aims to facilitate exchange between fragmented left-wing actors in order to build their capacity to organize at a political level and increase their impact. With view to the reactionary rollback, an additional focus is on civic education to counter ethnic, racial, gender and sexual discrimination. The RLS not only aims to support left-wing organizations in undergoing a process of self-reflexive renewal – instead, given the current context, it also seeks to help raise the visibility and legitimacy of anti-patriarchal, anti-racist, anti-colonial and internationalist values. 

Developing and defending socio-ecological alternatives

Another set of activities focuses on addressing the dominant export-driven, extractivist economic model, as well as its socio-environmental and economic impacts. This implies, first of all, documenting and making public the violations of the populations’ basic rights perpetrated by the agro-industrial sector, projects aimed at building infrastructure or exploiting natural resources, and supporting the populations demanding that these rights be guaranteed. In cooperation with our partner organisations, we promote local and regional dialogue and exchange, bringing together directly affected groups, organized left-wing movements and academics as well as state institutions and political decision-makers to develop viable solutions to these issues. At the same time, however, these activities also develop and promote alternatives to the hegemonic model of development together with partner organizations, academics and grassroots representatives.