Climate Justice Programme Office

Our programme office in Manila coordinates the Stiftung’s international work with South and Southeast Asian partner organizations (currently in the Philippines and Indonesia) in the fields of climate justice as well as initiatives targeting the UN Climate Change Conferences.

The Philippines, along with the rest of the region, is currently a site of rapid industrialisation and strong economic growth. Development, however, remains uneven, with urban areas clearly benefiting more than rural areas. At the same time, the region and the Philippines in particular is especially vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. The Philippines comprises 7,000 islands and 36,000 kilometres of coastline. The islands are flat and therefore critically exposed to rising sea levels and increasingly frequent typhoons. 

Since the end of the Marcos dictatorship, an active civil society with strong international links and a range of left-wing social movements have emerged. Particularly when it comes to climate justice, there exists a strong awareness of the need to take action, and a number of interesting organisations as well as local and international networks. For this reason, the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung decided to establish a programme office in Manila dedicated to climate justice advocacy. The office’s work focuses on just transitions and energy policy, misguided climate protection strategies, climate change adaptation measures, the financialization of nature and climate change-driven migration. It implements activities in the Philippines and Indonesia. Cooperation with partners in the remaining parts of the region, i.e. Vietnam, India and Bangladesh, will be coordinated by the Stiftung’s Hanoi and New Delhi offices. 

The programme office focuses exclusively on climate justice and currently does not pursue any projects addressing other issues. Its immediate task is to establish our presence in Manila (the office is due to open in 2018) and develop the capacity of the RLS to fight for climate justice.

Climate Justice Programme Office

Director: Laura Geiger
Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Manila Office