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Our regional office in Ramallah coordinates the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s activities in the Palestinian territories and Jordan

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The Israeli occupation, which has made a free and self-determined life in Palestine impossible for more than 50 years, is at the root of a deep collective crisis touching almost all political, social, and economic aspects of life in the country. Politically, tendencies towards de-democratization are visible, which, apart from the occupation, are also due to a failure of international efforts and support for negotiations and rapprochement.

The Palestinian political system has lacked democratic legitimization for many years, as institutional checks and balances gradually disappeared. Putting forward progressive ideas as well as actual political participation have grown extremely difficult.

Although Jordan is regarded as a particularly stable country in an unstable region, the lines of internal Jordanian conflict – between Jordanians and Jordanians of Palestinian origin, between rich and poor, between cities and rural areas, etc. – have grown increasingly evident. Austerity policies, privatization, corruption, and considerable democratic deficits are feeding social and political tensions in the country.


  • Strengthening Political Participation
    In light of the restrictive political contexts in the region, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation supports progressive organizations and individuals who widen the scope for action and capacities for real political participation, particularly with regard to people.
  • Developing Progressive Approaches to Social and Economic Rights
    Given the region’s political frameworks and far-reaching privatization waves, questions of social justice, public responsibility, and accountability are among the most pressing social issues facing Palestine and Jordan today. The foundation cooperates with organizations working for fair social security systems and equal access to education and health care for all.
  • Strengthening Workers’ Rights
    The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation supports labour rights and the networking of small farmers and other actors working for food sovereignty and a self-determined life. This includes access to agricultural resources, direct marketing of products, and the revival of older regional seed varieties. Beyond that, the foundation promotes the work of progressive trade unions.
  • Strengthening Progressive Voices
    Against the backdrop of growing marginalization, the foundation seeks to strengthen progressive voices and perspectives from Palestine and Jordan in the form of political analysis, debate, and networks at the local, regional, and global level.

Palestine Regional Office

Director: Dr. Karin A. Gerster

Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Regional Office Palestine and Jordan
Al Tireh St. /Nile St.
Al-Atari Bld # 67, 2nd floor

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