Southeast Asia Regional Office in Hanoi

Our regional office in Hanoi coordinates the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s activities in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation opened its Regional Representative Office for Southeast Asia in Hanoi in April 2009, managing activities and partnerships in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. The Hanoi office embraces a mission of supporting the transformation of the region’s countries into participatory, socially just, and ecologically sustainable societies.

We currently cooperates with many partner organizations, including academic institutions, universities, non-governmental organizations, think tanks, government institutions, and parliaments on these goals.


  • Social Justice
    Among others, children, pregnant women, ethnic minority groups, elderly people, and people with illnesses or disabilities belong to the vulnerable groups that are frequently overlooked in decision-making processes, meaning little attention is given to their specific needs. We support our partners to improve the overall well-being of marginalized and vulnerable groups. Through the organization of networking events and workshops and the dispensing of policy advice, we contribute to a more just and inclusive society.
  • Social-Ecological Transformation
    In Southeast Asia, under current development models, economic growth is seen as a positive indicator for progress. But while a growing gross domestic product (GDP) is celebrated as an indicator of improved living conditions in a specific county, resources are systematically withdrawn from the earth and the source of our livelihood is destroyed to achieve this growth.

    We believe that a different conceptualization of development is necessary that results in lower emissions, protects vulnerable groups, and goes beyond short-term economic timeframes. Together with our partners, we organize workshops and conferences and publish research papers in order to facilitate discussion of alternatives and build capacities of political actors.
  • International Dialogue
    By facilitating dialogue between left-wing actors in regional, national, and international forums, we support mutual understanding, international solidarity, and the effectiveness of our partners. Our goal is thus to strengthen the capacities and international competences of social and political activists, who can act as multipliers and pass on their experience.

    We advocate for a dialogue between left-wing actors in the Global North and South on an equal footing as well as for a stronger exchange between actors in the Global South. Our provision of policy advice is geared particularly towards the interests of vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Southeast Asia Regional Office in Hanoi

Director: Philip Degenhardt

Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Southeast Asia. Hanoi Office
No. 8C, Alley 76 To Ngoc Van
Tay Ho, Hanoi

Tel.: +84-24-37185836 I Fax: +84-24-37185834

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