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News | 11.04.2022Clos­ing a Win­dow of Op­por­tun­ity

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s Moscow Office is forced to shut its doors

News | 23.03.2021“In the Cold Light of The­ory”

Marking Wolfgang Fritz Haug’s 85th birthday

News | 24.09.2019Dis­courses for a Bet­ter World

The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung at the Frankfurt Book Fair, 16–20 October 2019

News | 17.12.2018An­nelies Laschitza (1934–2018)

Jörn Schütrumpf remembers the last of the great Rosa Luxemburg scholars

News | 12.12.2016Call for Pro­pos­als for the Hans and Lea Grundig Prize 2017

Award for artistic and art historical achievement, as well as for achievement in the communication…

Annual Reports | 06/20152014 An­nual Re­port

Focus: Refugees and Asylum