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Rosa Luxemburg and the German Revolution

Rosa Luxemburg und die Revolution in Deutschland

Marking the 100th anniversary of both the Revolution and Luxemburg's murder.

Climate Justice

Ende Gelände Aktion: Besetzung Tagebau Garzweiler 15.8.2015, CC BY-NC 2.0, Ende Gelände

In order to effectively curb climate change, economy and societies need to be fundamentally transformed.

Feminism From the Left

Fem­in­ism from the Left

Queer-feminist demands have a big relevance in the struggle for a social solidarity.

Positive Peace

Peace is more than an absence of war. Modern violent conflicts have not only direct, but also indirect and structural causes.

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The Globalization of Authoritarianism

Democracy is in crisis around the world, while authoritarianism is on the rise in a growing number of countries.

Food Sovereignity


What can constitute leftist political response to a monopolization of market power, financialization or digitization in food systems?

For a Europe of the Many

The European Union must turn away from its destructive austerity policies and growing social inequality, from its inhumane border walls and militarization.