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Not mourning her corpse, but celebrating her life: 10–15 January 2019 across Berlin.

Had German officers not mustered all of their courage to murder her on the night of 15 January 1919, Rosa Luxemburg would perhaps be a name known only to historians today. Indeed, the 20th century as a whole may have transpired quite differently.

Instead, however, her erstwhile comrades deployed Rosa Luxemburg’s name as a kind of political shield, usually commemorating only her death itself. Her political thought and activity was not only marginalized in this process, but often even denounced.

This “tradition” is not ours. We do not need political martyrs to legitimize our political actions. We do, however, wish to commemorate a woman who repeatedly admonished us not to betray ourselves through accommodation. Nothing is braver and more dangerous than the precept that Rosa Luxemburg not only lauded repeatedly, but herself lived by: the most revolutionary deed is and remains “to proclaim loudly what is happening”.

Events in Berlin marking the 100th anniversary of Rosa Luxemburg’s death:

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