News | Europe - Europe / EU The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung London Is Looking for Project Applications!

Deadline: 31 October 2019

The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung is a German political foundation that operates both nationally and internationally. In keeping with its namesake, it is committed to the thought and action of the socialist Rosa Luxemburg. We are committed to working within the traditions of the global workers’, feminist, anti-fascist, and anti-war movements and uphold the ideas of democratic socialism.
Our new London office opens in autumn 2019, and with funds from the German Ministry for Foreign Affairs coordinates projects and supports non-profit organizations across all regions of the United Kingdom as well as Ireland. Our work focuses on four key aims:

  1. Developing alternative democratic models of society and new forms of democratic participation; in particular, building a positive movement against the rise of the far right.
  2. Finding solutions to social, economic, and gender-based injustices following a decade of austerity. The development of a new and intersectional class politics and the fight for the right to space, time, and basic resources.
  3. Building a politics which recognizes that fighting ecological breakdown can only be undertaken by transforming society and tackling social and global injustice.
  4. A critical reading and analysis of European historical events and their relevance today.

We work on two levels:

  • Strengthening left actors in movements, parties, and unions
  • Developing emancipatory and critical positions and concepts

After downloading the Letter of Intent template (see below) and filling it in, please send it to: with a subject line reading "PROJECT APPLICATION 2020". Please note that all applicants MUST be based in the United Kingdom or Ireland.

Applicants whose Letters of Intent are accepted will be contacted by 14 November 2019 with instructions on how to write a full project proposal.