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Burning issues in French politics. A Dossier with political analyses from the RLS Europe office in Brussels.

[Translate to en:] Eine Zeit in der Hölle


Hell has broken loose in France, and the political situation is extremely tense—not only since the eruption of the so-called “Yellow Vest” protests. Far-right forces like the former Front National—now known as the Rassemblement National—have had unsettlingly high rates of approval for many years now. The traditional party system has more or less collapsed; initially, President Macron with his La République movement was able to profit from this crisis-stricken development.

Yet the situation remains confusing. Across France, thousands are on strike against the government and president’s pension reform—cutting through all areas of life, occupations, and employment relations, although the trade-union mobilizations in various sectors play a key role. The struggle against the pension reform could be decisive for Macron’s future, and at the same time poses a major challenge for the Left in the country.

The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung in Brussels’s new dossier “A Season in Hell”—taken from Arthur Rimbaud’s poetic masterpiece, Une saison en enfer—offers analyses and insights into political developments in France. Thematically, it ranges from today to the presidential elections in 2022. Articles from the series will appear in German, English, and French, and will feature a number of authors: trade unionists, writers, academics, and of course political activists.

The series is produced in partnership with Richochet, Quebec; Jacobin, US; and Neues Deutschland.


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