News | Inequality / Social Struggles - Participation / Civil Rights - International / Transnational 16–17 April: The Night of Global Social Rights

What are Global Social Rights and how can we appropriate them as instruments for political agency?

Most discussions around Human Rights in general and Social Rights in particular have always been traversed by an ethnocentric point of view that, by enunciating a list of universal rights and making it vertically enforceable, leaves out and dismisses the innumerable manifestations of cultural diversity and the plurality of struggles and demands that exist beyond the Euro-Atlantic world. It is in this sense that, from a Global perspective, contemporary struggles for Social Rights must acknowledge the different ways of defining and appropriating them, and overcome the barrier of their ethnocentric understanding by privileging the construction of a discourse that recognizes the concerns and struggles of actors in the field, social organizations, trade unions, and cooperative associations in the Global South and the “peripheries” of post-industrial societies.

This dialogical, collective, and Global effort to define Social Rights will be the aim of the “Night of Global Social Rights, 24 hours of international conversation organized by the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung’s Geneva Office, dix-milliards-humains, and the Civic City association within the framework of the “Week of All Possibilities” that will be held in Geneva, Switzerland and worldwide on social media between 12 and 17 April 2021.

The programme of the night of Social Rights, between 16–17 April, will be conceived around a series of interviews and conversations with social leaders, trade unionists, members of associations and political organizations with an active presence and developing militant activities in the Global South and the “peripheries” of post-industrial societies.

The Night of Global Social Rights kicks off on 16 April at 14:00 CET, streaming live via Facebook. Check out the full programme and learn about more RLS Geneva’s activities here.