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January 1970

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The political crisis of European integration has brought to the surface nationalist ideas and attitudes that were commonly regarded as belonging to the past.

Europe is in danger of regressing as a reinvigorated radical right gains ground.

The yearbook 2017 of transform! europe will also consider how a Trump Presidency may impact on Europe.


Preface Walter Baier, Eric Canepa, Eva Himmelstoss: The Left, the People, Populism.
The European Union and the Left
Gregor Gysi: Europe - Quo Vadis? The Left and European Integration
Walter Baier: Twofold Disenchantment
Euclid Tsakalotos - interviewed by Haris Golemis
Pedro Chaves Giraldo: Economic Governance of the European Union: Activate the Emergency Brakes?

Social Evolutions
Ursula Huws: The Future of Work: Neither Utopias nor Dystopias but New Fields of Accumulation and Struggle
Joachim Bischoff: Ways Out of Secular Stagnation?

Left and Right: Past and Present
Serge Wolikow: The Left and the Labour Movement in Europe - What History? From the 19th to the 21st Century
Alexander Buzgalin: Time of Alternatives: The Left 100 Years after the October Revolution [possibly put above as development of Huws's themes]
Roger Martelli: The Left, the People, Populism
Ludmilla Bulavka-Buzgalina: The Left Alternative - The Search for a Subject of History
Jukka Pietiläinen: What is Left in Europe: A Comparative Analysis of Survey Data on Left Self-Location
Alberto Garzón Espinosa: Analysis of the European Left
Lutz Brangsch: Back to the Roots?
Geoff Eley: What Produces Democracy? Revolutionary Crises, Popular Politics, and Democratic Gains in Twentieth-Century Europe
Michael Löwy: Ecosocialism - from William Morris to Hugo Blanco
Ulrich Brand, Judith Dellheim, Christoph Görg, Sabine Leidig, Andreas Novy, Melanie Pichler, Daniela Setton: The Consequences of Climate Change for Left Strategy - A Roundtable
Susan Zimmermann: Gender, Feminism, Antifeminism, Imperialism. Notes from a Gender History Perspective on the Current Debates Around Male Immigrant Attitudes Towards Women

Voters - Right-Wing Appeals and the Left
Bernhard Müller: Right-Wing Populism - An Answer to the Crisis of Democratic Capitalism
Horst Kahrs: Voter Abstention as Class Electoral Behaviour - and the Weakness of Left Approaches

State of the Left: Country Reports
Richard Seymour: The Corbyn Moment: A Dialectic of Defeats
Yann Le Lann: Who Are In the Streets? Reflections on Nuit Debout in Paris
Pablo Sánchez Centellas: New Municipalism in Barcelona: A First Attempt at a Balance Sheet
Gavin Rae: Non-Voting and Support for Left Parties in Poland
Anej Korsika: Towards the League of the Balkan Left

Activity Report
Maxime Benatouil (ed.): transform! europe 2016 at a Glance

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