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Experiences from Asia and Europe





Liliane Danso-Dahmen, Philip Degenhardt,


July 2018

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A new collection of contributions emerging from the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Southeast Asia's 2015 conference on Social-Ecological Transformation (SET), held in Hanoi, Vietnam.

From the Introduction:

The Socio-Ecological Transformation (SET) is a question of survival for mankind. The reason for this dramatic statement is simple. The capitalist mode of production and the lifestyle it engenders are not sustainable, either socially or ecologically. However, the regions of the world, the people who live there, and the different classes are unequally and unevenly affected. As the OECD noted in a recent report on Southeast Asia, China, and India, the former is among the regions of the world most strongly impacted by climate change. At the same time, the high economic growth in Asia is accompanied by a steadily rising (fossil) energy demand. The effects on ecosystems are well known – but nevertheless not commensurately taken into account, either in daily life or in political decision-making.

It is not only ecological transformation that is on the agenda, but social transformation as well. Recent studies by international expert commissions once again showed that the gap between the rich and the poor is widening in most nations and on a global scale. One percent of the world population owns more wealth than the remaining 99 percent. Social tensions are therefore growing, as are social and political conflicts.

  • Prologue
  • Introduction: "Social-Ecological Transformation - Perspectives from Asia and Europe"
  • Socialist Eco-Civilization and Social-Ecological Transformation
  • Eco-Civilization Reconstruction in the Greater Beijing Area from a Perspective of Regional Integration: A Primary Comparison
  • People First: A Life of Dignity for All and a Social ASEAN
  • The Social-Ecological Transformation Debate and Grassroots Discussions in the Light of Hydropower Development - A Case Study from Vietnam
  • The Effects of Development and Struggles for Social Justice and Alternatives in India
  • Towards Radical Ecological Democracy in Asia: Lessons from India
  • Socio-Ecological Transformation - A Discursive Classification
  • Bibliography
  • The Authors
  • Other relevant publications by the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung

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