Publication Inequality / Social Struggles - Social Theory - Analysis of Capitalism The Turmoil within the Elite, the Course of the Crisis and the Left

Rainer Rilling, Policy Paper 1/2010



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Rainer Rilling,


May 2010

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Two years after the open outbreak of the financial and economic crisis, crisis-management has become a normalized everyday business. Increasingly, leading circles and the mass media of all core capitalist countries even claim that the end of the crisis is in sight. They admit that its effects cannot be overlooked, yet they are sure that the growth figures will once again point upwards. They claim that the worst excrescences of financial-market capitalism have been corrected and that at the same time they have learned how a catastrophe can be avoided through quick and decisive state intervention. At first sight, this is a broad consensus. But is the crisis over – and is there broad consensus and unity within the ruling elites?

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