Publication COP 24 en Coal Against Humanity

A card game about Indonesia’s coal industry.


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For many of us, electricity is a modern-day convenience that we take for granted. It is almost inconceivable to imagine a life where the ability to heat instantly our food or use devices to communicate with people who are far away, is not readily available. But for many citizens in the Global South such as Indonesia, energy is still a potent issue of inequality.

The injustice aspect of energy policy is not limited to the unequal access to electricity. Often, injustice, caused by energy production—especially from fossil fuels, is overlooked.

Here we need to ask the question of who really benefits from Indonesia’s continued  dependence on coal. Is it the fisherfolk and farmers in rural villages whose livelihoods and homes are being destroyed by the coal-fired power plants? Or is it the country’s elites and corrupt government officials who continue to profit from this dirty energy?

Our office in Manilla developed a card game modelled on the game: "Cards Against Humanity," where they put forward many difficult questions about energy problems. 

Enjoy the game!