Publication State / Democracy - Political Parties / Election Analyses - North Africa The Fallout of the 2015 Israeli Elections

Diana Buttu Reflects on the impact of the elections on the question of Palestine and steps on how to proceed forward





Chris Whitman, Diana Buttu,


Katja Hermann,


March 2015

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An interview with the Palestinian-Canadian lawyer Diana Buttu on the Israeli elections for the twentieth Knesset on 17th of March 2015. She speaks about the consequences the results of this election will have for Palestine and the Palestinian civil society.

«I don't think it will change anything on the ground for Palestinians and I think the only thing that will change anything on the ground for us, is if we start behaving in a different way. I think now is the time to push for BDS, pushing for Israel's accountability, all of these things. But I don't think that any of those scenarios is going to lead to anything coming from an Israeli initiative or bilateral initiatives between the Palestinians and Israelis.» Diana Buttu

Diana Buttu is a Palestinian-Canadian lawyer and former spokeswoman for the Negotiations Support Unit in the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Additionally, she is well known for her legal work with the Negotiations Support Unit within the PLO during the Second Intifada.

Chris Whitman is an independent researcher based in Palestine where has lived since 2010. He received his Master’s Degree in Middle Eastern Studies in 2013 and from 2011-2014 he worked at a local organization as the Advocacy Coordinator. Since January 2015, he has been the Manager of Resource Development for an organization specializing in workers’ rights issues.

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