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Climate Finance Tracking Study for Agriculture and Livestock Sector Ministries in Tanzania 2009/10 – 2013/14 | Published by Forum CC and Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania





October 2015

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A recent study commissioned by the Tanzania Civil Society Forum on Climate Change (ForumCC), a Rosa Luxemburg Foundation partner, has revealed that Climate Financing in Tanzania is highly dependent on foreign funding, a detrimental trend that is coupled with lack of prioritization for highly relevant adaptation activities when it comes to allocation of funds.

The study, which among others, aimed at evaluating climate finance expenditure, adequacy and level of transparency in the Agriculture and Livestock Sector Ministries, indicates that dependence on foreign financing for climate related activities in those ministries ranges between 66.1% and 82.3% on average respectively, in the five year period covered by the study (2009/10 – 2013/14).
Even more alarmingly, the study found out that in most cases, no funds have been allocated on mitigation activities at all, and very little funds are directed to “high-relevance” climate change activities. This means even the meager resources available are being directed only on (adaptation) activities with low relevance to climate change. Consequently it has to be stated that hardly any funds are available at local level exclusively earmarked to fight impact of climate change to farmers and pastoralists.

The study, which covered two sector ministries at national level as well as two sample districs, namely Kongwa and Kilosa – looking too in the two sectors – gives more details on the findings and recommendations.

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