Podcast | Globalization, Migration / Flight ManyPod #12: Feminist Refugee Struggle Against the Lager System

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ManyPod #12: Feminist Refugee Struggle Against the Lager System

Despite all the scandals and protests of recent years, the situation in German refugee camps is still characterized by racism, harassment, untenable living conditionsm, and sickening hygiene, as well as the permanent fear of nighttime deportations—especially for women. With the COVID-19 pandemic, this inhumane situation has once again become extremely aggravated. Elizabeth Ngari has been fighting the camp system for almost 20 years with the group Women in Exile. In conversation with ManyPod, she reports on the current situation and the resistance of women refugees in the camps against their disenfranchisement under the pandemic.

Elizabeth Ngari comes from Nyeri, Kenya. She fled the country in 1996, and lived in a refugee camp in Brandenburg for seven years. Together with other female refugees, she eventually founded the group Women in Exile in 2002 to draw attention to the often particularly precarious situation of refugee women and to fight for their rights.