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Democratic socialism is, historically and by its essence, committed to international cooperation and solidarity. The international activities of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (RLF) aim to provide political education by means of social analysis, programmes and projects for democratic and social emancipation and developing capabilities for political action.

The most important areas of international cooperation are social and democratic participation, empowering politically and socially disadvantaged groups, alternatives for social development, conflict prevention and  peaceful conflict resolution as well as the future of the European Union. Toward these ends, the Foundation cooperates with different organisations, left and democratic socialist parties, trade unions, women's organisations and the new social movements. It is active in more than 25 countries and participates in the process of the World Social Forum. Since 2000 projects have been funded by the Ministry for Economic Cooperation (BMZ) and the Federal Foreign office (AA).

Regional departments are in charge of mentoring the various foreign projects supported by the RLF. Additionally, RLF offices have been established in most regions in which the foundation is active. In the following section you will find information about our activities in the various regions, as well as contact information for the various offices and employees involved.  

The RLF is present in southern Africa and - since 2009 - in the region East and West Africa with a focus on strengthening democratic and social participation, civil society and economic alternatives plus to support cooperation between nation-wide and local social networks. RLF offices are located in Johannesburg and Dakar.

Emphasis has been placed on projects in India and Nepal, especially those focused on strengthening civil society structures.  A RLF office exists in New Delhi.
Through partnership programs in China and Vietnam the RLF acts towards forming a future orientated society. In 2009 a RLF office was founded in Hanoi and a further one is being set up in Beijing.

Affiliated projects in Middle-eastern and South-eastern Europe and former Soviet countries. There are RLF offices in Warsaw, Moscow and Belgrade.
“Rosa Luxemburg goes Europe” was the 2008 Motto under which the RLF established a RLF office in Brussels. Brussels functions not only as a political hub for Europe, but also the world.

Latin America
Work in Latin America is geographically divided into the three regions: Mexico/Central America/Cuba, the Andes and South America. RLF offices are located in Mexico City, Quito and São Paulo.

Middle East
The RLF works in cooperation with partner organisations in autonomous Palestine regions and Israel. RLF offices have been set up in Tel Aviv and Ramallah.


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