Middle East

This region of extreme tension is of utmost importance for achieving international peace and security. Through self initiated projects and joint work with cooperative partners the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (RLF) strives to contribute to conflict resolution and a peaceful future for this region.

The RLF started working with local partner organizations in Autonomous Palestinian Territories (West Jordan and the Gaza Strip) in 2000. In 2002 project work commenced in Israel and in 2004 in Turkey. Two RLF offices were opened in this region: one in Ramallah (Palestine Territory) and one in Tel Aviv (Israel). The preparation of a Middle East project that will encompass Egypt and Lebanon is also under way.

Summary of co-operational work

Foundation activities focus on the following:  
•    Conflict prevention and peaceful strategies for settling regional and societal conflicts.  
•    Democratic participation, political and religious tolerance and human rights.  
•    Minority and migrant rights and interethnic problems.
•    Contributing to Jewish-Arabic coexistence and understanding.
•    Past, present and future German-Israeli relations from a left-winged perspective (this incorporates examining and countering right extremism and anti-Semitism)
•    Analysis of European Union politics in these regions and developing progressive alternatives.
•    Handling with religious and political Islam.

The target groups and partners that are supported by the foundation include civil society organisations that provide social services and strive towards peaceful settlements, youth and women groups (especially in marginalised populations and rural areas) as well as labour unions and their associated educational groups. Colleges, academic and student circles are also addressed in order to spur liberal discourse in the academic realm.

Contact and more information

RLF Israel: http://www.rosalux.co.il

RLF Palestine: www.rosaluxemburg.ps