Latin America

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is, with three RLF offices, active in 14 different Latin American countries. The first regional office was founded in São Paulo in 2003 and coordinates work in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. In 2008 a further office in Mexico City was established in order to support long-term projects in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico and Cuba. Recently, in March 2010 an office in Quito started managing work in Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Columbia. Additional work in Bolivia and Venezuela is done through joint cooperation with project coordinators there.
Over the past few years left-wing movements in Latin America have aroused hope. The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation provides platforms for controversial discussions regarding these processes in the various regions and common grounds for political actors from the north and south to meet and exchange ideas and experiences.

A major aspect of the work deals with the analysis of present natural resource oriented models of develotpment and alternatives to these models. The foundation supports partners that contribute to this work through either situation analysis or direct work with affected persons, for example, political education courses or the organisation of women working in the Chilean salmon industry through labour unions, respectively. One main focus of the political education work of the foundation is promoting the participation of groups prone to discrimination such as indigenous people, women, youth and migrants. Furthermore, support is given to alternative media providers.

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