Political Education

Academy for Political Education

The central task of the Academy for Political Education (APE) is to provide political education on left-wing politics in Germany. This involves studying a variety of social conflicts through participatory, emancipatory and critical education. This comes through a wide variety of educational methods, especially working in groups in specially created learning environments. Our goal is to provide people the knowledge that can empower them and enable them to act.

The academy offers political training courses, as well as organising conferences and workshops, weekend seminars and a variety of other events. Much of the work involves creating educational resources and issuing publications. The academy offers the chance to participate in various networks and projects and often uses art forms as a part of political education.

Areas of the APE:

  • Politics, Communication and Management: includes training in adult learning. The focus is particularly on civic education in political theory and debates on emancipatory politics.
  • Local Politics: organises workshops and seminars and produces accompanying publications, covering issues surrounding diversity in local politics. Includes debates on local budget policies, anti-privatisation and re-munipicalisation.
  • Youth Education: promotes youth education projects nationwide and supports a network of hosts and organisers. Works on the right to criticise, explore political alternatives, strengthen resistance and create spaces for youth.

Areas of social conflict focused on by the APE:

  • Social inequalities and the economic and ecological crises, sustainability and regional development, confrontation with neo-Nazism and other extremisms. Gender inequalities in society, politics and everyday life. The APE encourages debate about gender and other inequalities in the workplace, home and family and engages in left-wing feminist debates. It also explores inequalities of disability and sexuality.
  • The academy examines contemporary history by working supporting biographical studies as well as analysing the processes and consequences of globalisation. Analysis of new international developments and social movements. Engagement in German, European and international social forums. The focuses are influenced by the foundation’s namesake.

Basic services of the APE:

  • ‘Attacacademy’ course on economic literacy, in cooperation with Attac (Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions for the Aid of Citizens).
  • ‘Capital’ course on reading and understanding Marx’s Capital. Also an annual Autumn school.  
  • ‘Political Communication Management’ training course. 
  • ‘Sustainable Development’ Summer school in Wietow.

The work of the APE is supported by discussion groups on Women and Politics, Sustainability and Regional Development, History for the Future, Right-wing Extremism, Social Issues and Rural Matters.

The APE encompasses the Erik Neutsch Foundation and Harald Breuer Foundation as dependent organisations. The academy acts as a cultural forum of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, the Max Ligner Foundation and the Hermann Hensel Foundation. These compliment the work of the academy in fields of culture, memory, politics and art.

Director: Silke Veth, veth@rosalux.de