8. Dezember 2018 Diskussion/Vortrag Women's Strike and the Feminism of the 99%

Luxemburg Lecture



Technische Universität Berlin
Straße des 17. Juni 136
10587 Berlin


08.12.2018, 16:30 - 18:00 Uhr


Arbeit / Gewerkschaften, Geschlechterverhältnisse

Zugeordnete Dateien

With: Tithi Bhattacharya (USA), Julia Camara (Spain), Camille Barbagallo (GB), Kerstin
Wolter (Germany)

„If we stop, the world stops“: This year on the 8th of March 2018 women from all around the world
went on strike. In Spain they were 5 Million and shut down the country. In this event we want to examine - with regard to the strategic position of women in capitalist societies - why and how these feminist mobilizations are this big and discuss their histories as well as their understanding of what a feminism for the 99% looks like and why only this kind of feminism is able to not only tackle the Right but also to point beyond the harsh world of neoliberal capitalism.



Fanni Stolz

Referentin Gewerkschaftliche Erneuerung, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung

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