Mediensammlung | Sozialökologischer Umbau Degrowth

Dokumentation der vierten internationalen Degrowth-Konferenz für ökologische Nachhaltigkeit und soziale Gerechtigkeit am 2.-6. September 2014 in Leipzig.

Degrowth Closing Plenary: How do we move on?

Degrowth 2014: Opening event

Degrowth: what?!

Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity

Degrowth 3/9/14: Morning Keynotes

Dimensions of learning for a degrowth society

German parliamentary commission on growth

Climate Justice and Degrowth: commonalities, resistances and alternatives

Degrowth 4/9/14: Morning Keynotes

Alliances for degrowth between Global North and South?!

ShareEconomy, P2P, Transition Town: What do they share?

Décroissance, Postwachstum, decreixement, decrescita – all degrowth but different?

Degrowth 5/9/14: Morning Keynotes

Commons, Economy for the common good and Solidarity Economy: What do they share?

The food challenge. Struggling for just and ecological food systems

Unconditional Basic Autonomy by income or infrastructure?

Closing morning - reports: What happened?

#Degrowth - Wachstumskritik und konviviale Technik


Andrea Vetter,