Audio | Climate Justice Planet B: Everything Must Change – Episode 1 (Work)

Commute. Pollute. Repeat. What are we working for?

Planet B: Everything Must Change – Episode 1 (Work)



In the first episode of Planet B: Everything Must Change, a six-part series from Novara Media and Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung London, host Dalia Gebrial tackles the future of work.

As the climate changes, what kinds of work will we find ourselves doing? Which of our jobs will be valued, and which will become obsolete? What would a "just transition" look like for workers? And what hope do we have for a global Green New Deal?

Dalia gets expert insight from UK Labour's Jeremy Corbyn, journalist and author Sarah Jaffe, Gaby Jeliaskov, just transition campaigner at Platform, Seb Ordoñez from War on Want, international human rights lawyer Kavita Naidu, and Vicente Unay, secretary general at National Union Of Workers In The Power Industry.

Produced by Freddie Stuart.
Music and sound by Ben Heyderman.
Illustrations by Tomekah George.
Design by Pietro Garrone.