Nachricht | Inequality / Social Struggles - Social Theory - Analysis of Capitalism - Economic / Social Policy - Globalization Left Forum 2011: «Towards a Politics of Solidarity»

300 panels und 1000 speakers are expected at the Left Forum this year in New York from 18th to 20th of March. The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation will run various panels and events.


The RLF panels at the Left Forum:

  • Europe’s Left in Motion (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation & Transform!)
    SATURDAY, 12 p.m., W511
    Giorgio Riolo (Punto Rosso, Italy), Luciana Castellina (Il Manifesto, Italy), Albert Scharenberg (RLF, Germany), Raquel Garrido (Parti de Gauche, France), Teppo Eskillenen (Left Alliance Party, Finland); Chair: Walter Baier (European Network «transform!»)
  • Cornerstones of a New Left Formation in the US
    Bill Fletcher Jr. (BlackCommentator), Harriet Fraad (psychologist), Raquel Garrido (Parti de Gauche, France), Sean Sweeney (Global Labor Institute, Cornell), Richard D. Wolff (New School University); Chair: Jan Rehmann (Union Theological Seminary, New York)
  • Another Power Shift? Europe (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation & Transform)
    SUNDAY, 12 P.M., E331
    Michael R. Krätke (University of Lancaster, UK), Frieder Otto Wolf (Free University Berlin, Germany), Gian Paolo Patta (CGIL, Italy); Chair: Wilfried Telkämper (RLF, Germany)
  • The Crisis and the Middle Class: Right-Wing Populism in the Advanced Capitalist Countries and How to Combat It
    SUNDAY, 3 p.m., E330
    Barbara Epstein (UC Santa Cruz), Christina Kaindl (RLF, Germany), Ingar Solty (York University, Toronto); Chair: Rainer Rilling (RLF, Germany)
  • Surviving the Crisis and Transforming Society?
    SUNDAY, 12 p.m., Multi -Purpose
    Sendolo Diaminah (Peoples’ Durham), Eric Mann (Labor/Community Strategy Center), Nik Theodore (University of Illinois), Christina Kaindl (RLF, Germany); Chair: Margit Mayer (Free University Berlin, RLF)
  • Left Strategies to Exit the Crisis: Worker Ownership and Self-Managed Enterprises as Transformation Strategies?
    SATURDAY, 10 a.m., E328
    Immanuel Ness (City University of New York), Florian Moritz (Die LINKE, Germany), Gar Alperovitz (political economist, University of Maryland); Chair: Christina Kaindl (RLF, Germany)
  • The Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation & Verso Books)
    SUNDAY, 3 p.m., W615
    Paul Le Blanc (editor, Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg), Peter Hudis (editor, Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg), Scott McLemee (New Politics), Lea Haro (University of Glasgow), Annelies Laschitza (Rosa Luxemburg biographer, RLF); Chair: Suzi Weissman (Critique, Against the Current)

Please check conference schedule for possible room or time changes!

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