Nachricht | GK Geschichte Neue Open Access Publikation des IIISG zur Streikforschung

The new online publication Striking Numbers: New approaches to strike research brings together seven contributions on new quantitative historical research on strike activity in various countries around the world.

Based on a workshop of the Labour Conflicts Collaboratory at the IISH, this volume in the online series IISH Research Paper, edited by Sjaak van der Velden, offers new perspectives on quantitative research on strikes.

Case studies on Austria, Germany, and Switzerland; Ghana; Russia; Sweden; the Netherlands; and Canada are combined with a methodological essay on the building of a data repository and the use of micro data in strike research to offer a global perspective on the possibilities of strike research through a research collaboratory.

Table of contents:

Editor's foreword;
The influence of business cycles on strike activity in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, Julia Casutt;
Strike volume in Ghana: Trajectory of labour strikes in Ghana, Edward Fokuoh Ampratwum;
The structure and dynamics of the workers' protest movement at the beginning of the 20th century in Russia: Database analysis, Leonid Borodkin, Irina M. Pushkareva and Irina V. Shilnikova;
To participate or not to participate? Demographic aspects of the first mass strike in Sundsvall, Sweden in 1879, Maria Bergman;
Why do workers strike? Looking for an answer using micro data on Leiden strikers in 1914, Sjaak van der Velden;
Beyond the average and the aggregate: Researching strikes in Canada, Linda Briskin;
Building a repository for strike data: The search for micro data, Sjaak van der Velden.