Publikation Inequality / Social Struggles - Economic / Social Policy - Analysis of Capitalism - Western Europe - Social Movements / Organizing - Europe for the many From the Idea of a basic income to the political movement in Europe

Development and questions by Ronald Blaschke, RLS Papers.



RLS Papers


August 2012


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  • Short history of the idea of a basic income in Europe and the US
  • The idea of a basic income becomes the political call of a wide, but politically differently coined movement in Germany
  • The European Basic Income Movement
  • Market liberal and emancipatory approaches to reasoning for and design of a basic income
    1. Occupation, welfare state and radical democratisation of society and economy
    2. Public goods, infrastructure and services
    3. Redistribution
    4. Gender equality
    5. Reduction in use of natural resources
    6. Global Social Rights
  • The European Basic Income Movement – Questions