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Interview with Manik Sakar. Published by RLS Southasia Office.





Carsten Krinn,


Mai 2014


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 Q: Let us begin by congratulating you. Your state, according to latest statistics, has emerged with the highest rate of literacy. How could you achieve this apparently ‘impossible’ success? 

A: We have adopted a clear and candid attitude as regards the spread of literacy and education. We have come out with the declaration that education is the birth right of the people and everybody needs to be given the opportunity to educate himself/herself. In order to transform our attitude into action we have adopted a number of meaningful steps. We began by increasing the budgetary allocation for education which now accounts for 20% of the entire budget. This means out of every 100 rupees spent 20 rupees go for education. 

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Manik Sarkar is the Chief Minister of Tripura and the leader of the CPI-M in that state. His regime has experienced the advance of the state in many directions. One of the most remarkable successes attributed to his regime is that Tripura has emerged with the highest rate of literacy among Indian states.