Publikation Gesellschaftliche Alternativen - Sozialökologischer Umbau - International / Transnational - Nordafrika - Europa / EU - COP 21 [en] Energy Policy and Resources Extractivism: Resistances and Alternatives

Reader of thesis papers of the seminar in Tunis, March 2013. Compiled by Marlis Gensler, RLS Brussels (English and French).





März 2013


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  • Ulrich Brand, Austria & Germany: Energy policy and resource extractivism: resistances and alternatives (background paper)
  • Brian Ashley, South Africa: Climate jobs – the struggle of our time
  • Sören Becker, Germany: Energy democracy and extractivism: Some theses on alternative forms of energy organisation in Europe (and beyond)
  • Many Camara, Mali: Les énergies renouvelables : alternative crédible et durable à l'exploitation d'uranium. Exemple de la Commune rurale de Faléa au Mali (French only)
  • Ana Esther Ceceña, Mexico: The conception of nature and the debates, experiences and meaning of Buen vivir in Latin America (English only)
  • Alexis Charitsis & Geo Velegrakis, Greece: The energy sector in Greece: industrialization, privatisation and social resistance
  • Roeline Knottnerus, The Netherlands: European trade and investment policies with Africa and link with resource policies
  • Tom Kucharz, Spain: An ecological proposal for electricity generation in Spain in by 2020
  • Joan Leon, Tanzania: Struggles with extractivism, and alternatives: the case of NAPE in Uganda
  • Amani Mustafa Mhinda, Tanzania: Self organization and resistance in Tanzania mining
  • Sidi M. Omar, Spain & Western Sahara: The illegal exploitation of the natural resources of Western Sahara under Moroccan occupation
  • Antonio Tricarico, Italy: European energy and resources policy – which transition?