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An analysis of parliamentary elections in Egypt. The autumn 2015 parliamentary elections in Egypt cemented the restoration of the old ruling elite and paved the way for the return of former Mubarak stalwarts to politics.



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Dezember 2015


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Whilst the reorganised forces allied to the regime dominate the new legislative chamber, the revolutionary left opposition remains marginalised.

In December, after a seven-week election marathon, Egypt’s parliamentary election finally ended with an unsurprising result. Even the forces backing the regime and President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi had predicted a highly fragmented chamber would be the outcome. The official results confirm this prognosis. Regime-critical left-wing parties and the Islamist opposition hold only insignificant parliamentary power and the parties loyal to the regime are the winners of the election. 21 parties will take their seats in the House of Representatives, newly established under the 2014 constitution, which is the only remaining legislative chamber of the newly constituted parliament on the Nile River. The party-political landscape has – at least for the time being – broken away from the characteristic single-party rule under the country’s former dictator, Hosni Mubarak. Under his rule, the regime consisted solely of the National Democratic Party (Hizb Al-Watani, NDP), which dissolved in 2011. In the recent elections, in contrast, numerous parties allied to the regime won seats in the chamber and will now need time to establish sustainable structures with majority support.

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