Ernst Däumig


– Social Democratic politician and military specialist, removed from the editorial board of the Vorwärts together with Heinrich Ströbel and Ernst Meyer in 1916, editor of the Mitteilungs-Blatt des Verbandes der sozialdemokratischen Wahlvereine Berlins und Umgegend from 1916, joined the USPD in 1917, devised the plans for an uprising in Berlin together with Lieutenant Eduard Walz; Däumig’s arrest on 8 November 1918 leads to the decision to move the uprising forward to 9 November; member of the Executive Council of the Workers’ and Soldiers’ Councils; 1920/21 United Communist Party of Germany (VKPD) – chairman of the party together with Paul Levi, joined the Communist Working Organisation (KAG) in 1921, editor of the “Mitteilungsblattes der Kommunistischen Arbeitsgemeinschaft” together with Adolf Hoffmann, 1922 USPD.