Klara Noack

1873 - 1962

– Politician; accused of acting as the “ring leader” during the very first Women’s Day celebrations in Dresden on 19 March 1911 and was subsequently prosecuted; originally a housewife, she participated at the Reich Congress of Councils in December 1918; worked in the leadership of the home care association; became a city council member for the SPD in 1922; submitted an urgent request for a rise in unemployment benefit rates in 1924. In 1930, Noack was active in maintaining operations at the paediatric hospital in Dresden; member of the city council up to its forced dissolution in April 1933; member of the audit and electoral (and other) committees; resigned her seat in the city council while in protective custody; manager of women’s affairs in the municipal women’s committees in Dresden in 1945/46; city councillor in Dresden from 1947 onward.