Letter to Clara Zetkin

Berlin, 20 December 1918

Dearest Klara!

     I am again taking advantage of the opportunity to drop you a line. Your little item about the doctors1 is superb and went to press right away. Send what you can like that in small amounts, preferably of course something with your signature. But short! We are not getting any paper [after all] to enlarge our publication, and are suffocating in the three [two-sided] sheets that we have at our disposal.

     I see that you are fresh and lively again, and that was the loveliest thing about the article. Comrade Unfried2 is waiting, and so, in all haste, I send you only a thousand greetings and hugs.

     Your RL

1 The reference is to the short item (Notiz) entitled „One Bit of Socialization,“ which was published in the Rote Fahne of December 21, 1918.

2 Emil Unfried, member oft he Stuttgart Workers‘ Council, was staying in Berlin and serving as a courier.

Quoted by Rosa Luxemburg: The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg, edited by George Adler, Peter Hudis and Annelies Laschitza, translated by George Shriver, Verso 2011, p. 485.