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Ten Years after the Crash





Größere Veranst.

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Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik e.V.


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2nd Summer Academiy for Pluralist Economics - Sommerakademie vom 03. -  10.08.18 in Neudietendorf
Do you have the impression that contemporary societies face daunting challenges and that these challenges need to be addressed on the level of the economy? Are you asking yourself how we can analyse, comprehend and shape the economy?

As of now, discourses on economics and economic policy are marked by insisting that “there is no alternative” and pointing out “the hard facts”. We respond: The economy is a variegated, highly complex phenomenon. Yet, mainstream economics is far too narrow and one-dimensional in its approach to grasp this, and offers little room for critical reflection.
It is high time to change this, high time for our summer school! Here is where you will be able to let your curiosity and inquisitiveness run free, to explore alternative approaches to economics and to engage with a broad-range of like-minded students, inspiring activists and leading scholars.

Projektbetreuung: Landesstiftung Thüringen