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Re-thinking the Post-migrant Theatre: Possibilities for New Alternative Theater Movements





Größere Veranst.

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Konferenz des Instituts für Theater-, Film- und Medienwissenschaft der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt in Kooperation mit StudioNaxos und Studierenden der Hessische Theaterakademie


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Re-thinking the Post-migrant Theatre: Possibilities for New Alternative Theater Movements, 27. -29.05.2021 Frankfurt a.M., online.

"The Post-migrant theater movement considered the struggle against racist discourse as a core of its anti-racist attitude and became the voice of the silenced, racialized, and victimized people by letting them tell their stories on stage. This movement went beyond all kind of essentialist understanding of identity and produced a new political theater language which questions racism and power relations.
This rebellion movement in the theatrical sphere left a much wider impact than its own footprints. This situation is an indicator of a potential that exists in the theatrical field. PMT is both a manifestation of a contradiction that is embedded in the heart of German theater and a response to that contradiction. PMT (bearing in mind that theater is a dimension of the social sphere and cannot be isolated from other social relations) is an alternative pathway created by the unleashing of existing potential for rebellion. The hegemonic German theater itself produced this potential for rebellion. PMT is a specific and unique example of this potential, it is particular but not singular. Therefore, when considering PMT, both the medium that sparked this rebellion and the potential that allowed this fire to ignite should be taken into account. Today, this rebellion has transformed, may have lost its strength, but has not disappeared. It has turned into another form and other forms of struggle that need to be examined. On the other hand, the potential of this revolt is still alive and still exists.
Our intention is to discuss the migrant, post-migrant, exilic breaks of the theater in Germany. To be instrumental in the transfer of the PMT experience in German theater and other theatrical experiences that can be associated with this experience (migrant, diasporic, exilic, community theater, etc.). Accounting for these experiences, extracting the balance, and enabling the review and examination of artistic/aesthetic/dramaturgical/political routes in the context of their promises for tomorrow."

Betreut von der Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Hessen.