I. Fundamental issues of Left parties

2. Strategy

a. General issues

Subjects of Emancipation - Cornelia Hildebrandt 1. Changed Surrounding Conditions The contemporary world is characterised by a multitude of globalisation tendencies, which manifest themselves in very different ways in various parts of the world and to which different actors react with different strategies of self-globalisation. One tendency marking the overall process is that of neo-liberal “commodification” under the conditions of a post-Fordist society. ... >>more The Left in Central Europe: Challenges and Opportunities - Dan Hough Contribution for the International Conference of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, October 29 – 31, 2003, Warsaw >>more Socialist individualism - Neoliberalist society just isn’t individualistic enough, is it? - Magnus Marsdal November 30th, 1999. On that morning, I dared to dream. «In Seattle, the authorities have declared a state of emergency. Police have used tear gas against thousands of demonstrators outside the World Trade Organisation’s ministerial meeting». In was the 7 o’clock news. But it felt like a spark, flying all the way across the Atlantic and down through my alarm clock radio. It hit me. I was instantly awake. And I had this dream of a world wide awakening from the American dream. ... >>more The Swedish Left Party in Europe; towards a Strategy for Economic Democracy together with Social Democracy? - Stefan Sjöberg Presented at the "The Democratic Left Parties of Europe – a political project for the future in the enlarged European Union?" IV. European Conference of the Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation, Warsaw, October 29-31, 2003 >>more