Results of the International Workshop

"Europe must Respond to the Challenges of People’s Health, not to the ‘Challenges of Globalisation’ " (December 2005)

Judith Dellheim: The health care system and the unity of economic and social policies within the European Union >>>> weiter (pdf-file)

Chrisanthos D. Tassis/ Aristomenis I. Syngelakis: National health system in Greece 1983-2004:  From public sector to privatization  (engl.) >>>> weiter (pdf-file)

Colin Leys: The replacement of a national health service by a health care market in England (engl.) >>>> weiter (pdf-file)

Jiri Mastalka: Actual developments in the health system of the Czech Republic >>>> weiter (pdf-file); engl. >>>> weiter; tsch. >>>> weiter

Fabien Cohen: Situation of the health system in France. Experiences of alternative ways of financing (franz.) >>>> weiter (pdf-file)

Arndt Domen: Reforms of health care in Germany, especially in-patient treatment >>>> weiter (pdf-file, ATTENTION! 3MB)