15. Juli 2020 Diskussion/Vortrag Global Crisis - Global Solidarity #6 with Maristella Svampa

The Green New Deal For All? A Latin American Perspective





15.07.2020, 15:00 - 16:00 Uhr


Brasilien / Cono Sur, Mexiko / Mittelamerika / Kuba, Sozialökologischer Umbau, Nordamerika

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Global Crisis - Global Solidarity #6 with Maristella Svampa

For the last few years, the Green New Deal or GND has been the watchword of large parts of the international Left. Envisioning a massive, state-funded overhaul of the global economy towards sustainable production and agriculture, it was crucial to the visions put forward by Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn and gave millions hope that there was a viable alternative to neoliberal capitalism and climate catastrophe in the near- to medium-term.
Some critics argue, however, that the GND fails to take realities in the Global South into account – specifically, the amount of rare metals and other resources that would need to be extracted from the ground in order to build the renewable infrastructure that underpins the Green New Deal. Can these interests be reconciled? Can we envision a world that is both environmentally sustainable and socially just? We’ll be speaking with Maristella Svampa of the Pacto Ecosocial del Sur, a new Latin American initiative based around similar principles as the GND but with a distinct emphasis on the Global South, to find out.

With  Maristella Svampa, an Argentine sociologist, researcher, and activist.



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