Documentation The future of our cities

Smart Cities between data extractivism and remunicipalisation


Event location

CRCLR Circular Economy House
Rollbergstr. 26
12053 Berlin




Martha Dörfler,


Evgeny Morozov, Francesca Bria, Andrej Holm, Katalin Gennburg


Stadt / Kommune / Region, Digitaler Wandel, Sozialismus, Digitalisierung und Demokratie

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Luxemburg Lecture by Evgeny Morozov with a commentary by Andrej Holm.

The term "smart" has long become a key word of our time. This label seems to be able to turn any object into consistently progressive light. "Smart Cities" - relentlessly praised by consulting firms, at technology fairs and conferences - evoke images of intelligent traffic lights, networked garbage cans and smoothly functioning public transport.

This picture of a smart city presents sustainability as its supreme principle, with highly optimized movement of the inhabitants and a guarantee of all encompassing security - all implemented with the help of an extensive sensor technology and data processing, which flexibly connects everything in real time.